An Open Letter to Neuroscience

Nigel Kenward mbxnjk at
Thu Oct 17 04:11:18 EST 1996

To all concerned,
What started out as an interesting discussion on one persons theories
has degraded into petty mud-slinging which is nothing more than a waste
of bytes !
There have always been people in science with "unusual" ideas - history
is their judge ! There are some whom we can look at with hilarity (the
world isn't flat, and the earth does go round the sun), and some who
have been shown to be right. Surely this is what science is about.
We write grant applications based on the facts with a hypothesis we want
to test. Any application deviating from these rules is doomed. In the
same way, any scientist who claims to be anything more than a hypothesis
tester is doomed too.
For the purposes of a newsgroup, surely it makes sense to answer and
DISCUSS questions based on what we know. Theories are fine, but it
should be clear what facts they are based on, and it MUST be made clear
that they are the opinions of one individual. Phrases like "I disagree
strongly with Dr *****" followed by a reason, make for good reading and
more information is dissipated. Phrases like "Dr **** is talking rubbish
and should be ignored" don't help anyone.

If you want to have a personal battle, use the "Reply by email" (or
similar button) on your browser. If you want to increase the knowlege
available on the web, use the newsgroup.

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