Hitting head, seeing stars

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Fri Oct 18 07:11:50 EST 1996

On 17 Oct 1996, Stephen Black wrote:
> The question reminds me of that old principle with the quaint title called
> "the law of specific nerve energies" which was enunciated by Johannes 
> Muller in 1838, long before the birth of neurophysiology (which Muller 
Thanks for reminding me of this important fact.  Nice post.
> This may also be my source of the 19th century speculation that "if the 
> auditory and visual nerves were crossed, leaving their connections to the 
> brain intact, then we could _see_ thunder and _hear_ lightning. I 
> understand that this has actually been accomplished anatomically in the 
> ferret (Roe et al, 1990). No word from the ferret yet on what this does 
> to its perception of a thunderstorm.
Yes, I agree that if the connections were crossed that perception
would be like seeing thunder, but only due to the memories previously
stored.  If done at birth the animal would perceive every thing
normally but now in new areas of the brain.  Also if the total
brain mass was increased the perception would increase if reduced the
perception skills would be reduced.

The important point is that the principle of equal potentiality
allows the brain to self organize for different functions.
Ron Blue

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