Hitting head, seeing stars

Jason Fox jwfox at winternet.com
Fri Oct 18 14:21:24 EST 1996

> Yes, I agree that if the connections were crossed that perception
> would be like seeing thunder, but only due to the memories previously
> stored.  If done at birth the animal would perceive every thing
> normally but now in new areas of the brain.  Also if the total
> brain mass was increased the perception would increase if reduced the
> perception skills would be reduced.
> The important point is that the principle of equal potentiality
> allows the brain to self organize for different functions.

So you're saying that if done to a child, the visual cortex would interpret
sound waves and the auditory light waves? Sounds interesting... If you
asked the subject what lighning sounded like, what would they discribe? Or
if you did it to an adult? The question comes up though if those brain
functions are determined genetically or through environment. If the second,
then you're right, but if the first, "sounds" like you are "seeing" things
wrong. :)

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