help for a highschool student?

Jason Fox jwfox at
Fri Oct 18 13:45:44 EST 1996

I'm a highschool student, and I need a picture for a psychology
presentation. Do any of you have a picture of a neuron? Or can tell me if
there are any? Or at least a picture of an artists concept of a neuron? or
a bunch of neurons? Or a site where I can download some? Any of those would
help me out a ton, but pictures would be the best. If possible, email them
to me at the address below, because I don't have newsgroup access often.
Please don't hesitate to send them, I'll need all that I can get. Thank you
very much in advance.

- Jason Fox   -   jwox at          
- Chisago Lakes HS, Class of '97, Webmaster

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