An Open Letter to Neuroscience

Stephan Anagnostaras stephan at
Sat Oct 19 04:07:40 EST 1996

it's hard to use the newsgroup when there is someone who doesn't
know what the hell he's talking about posting twenty messages a day to it;
it is for this reason, I intend to reply to every single one of his
nonsensical postings and point out what a bunch of nonsense it is.
There is a difference between unusual, and incoherent, and most of his
postings fall in the latter category.

In article <3265F835.13CE at>, mbxnjk at wrote:

> To all concerned,
> What started out as an interesting discussion on one persons theories
> has degraded into petty mud-slinging which is nothing more than a waste
> of bytes !
> There have always been people in science with "unusual" ideas - history
> is their judge ! There are some whom we can look at with hilarity (the
> world isn't flat, and the earth does go round the sun), and some who
> have been shown to be right. Surely this is what science is about.
> We write grant applications based on the facts with a hypothesis we want
> to test. Any application deviating from these rules is doomed. In the
> same way, any scientist who claims to be anything more than a hypothesis
> tester is doomed too.
> For the purposes of a newsgroup, surely it makes sense to answer and
> DISCUSS questions based on what we know. Theories are fine, but it
> should be clear what facts they are based on, and it MUST be made clear
> that they are the opinions of one individual. Phrases like "I disagree
> strongly with Dr *****" followed by a reason, make for good reading and
> more information is dissipated. Phrases like "Dr **** is talking rubbish
> and should be ignored" don't help anyone.
> If you want to have a personal battle, use the "Reply by email" (or
> similar button) on your browser. If you want to increase the knowlege
> available on the web, use the newsgroup.
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