Looking for Successful Adults Who Use Recreational Drugs

John White jwhite at wku.campus.mci.net
Fri Oct 18 22:40:36 EST 1996

Are you successful?
Do you have a stable home life?
Are you a happy adult?
Do you occasionally enjoy the recreational use of Marijuana or
other drugs (e.g., Cocaine, LSD, etc.)?

Then We Want You!

Past research on drug use has concentrated on drug abusers (i.e.,
people in treatment or prison) or elementary, high-school, or
college students.  We're doing a study to demonstrate the
existence of successful drug users in our society.

If you fit these qualifications, we'd like you to take a survey. 
All information is anonymous.  You don't have to mail us ANYTHING
that carries your e-mail address.  All you have to do is set your
web browser to:


A short introduction is provided along with a tutorial for
persons unfamiliar with web based forms.  If you want even more
security, a link is provided to the an annonymizer
(http://www.anonymizer.com/), so your responses are even more

This is for REAL!  This is *not* an attempt to identify drug
users for police records.  We are all researchers at academic
institutions who are interested in Drug Policy.  If you have any
questions at all about this study you may contact us at the
following address:

                       Tom Nicholson, Ph.D.
                        John White, Ph.D.
                   Department of Public Health
                   Western Kentucky University
                          1 Big Red Way
                     Bowling Green, KY 42101
                       Voice: 502/745-4797

                              - Or -

                     thomas.nicholson at wku.edu
                        john.white at wku.edu

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