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James Woodson jwoodson at
Sat Oct 19 17:01:08 EST 1996

to Ken P. Collins,
                By now I am sure you are well aware of the controversy and
outright problems your postings have caused on the neuroscience site.  I
understand that your intentions are good, however, your interpretation of
current topics is, shall we say, beyond the readership of the site, and as
such is not going over very well.  I appeal to your good nature to stop
causing the problem, and leave this site.  I assure you, I am speaking for
most if not all other members, with whom I have been in continuous contact
over the last few weeks.  Please stop posting here.  Monitor all you wish,
but please leave.
        I apologise for being so direct, but if you need further input, I'm
sure you will get it very soon.
                                                James Woodson

James Woodson* (jwoodson at
Dept. of Psychology - Behavioral Neuroscience
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 " To make a great dream come true, the first requirement is a great
capacity to dream.  The second is persistence - a faith in the dream." -
Hans Selye, M.D.

*Research in Learned Helplessness, Adenosine,
 Anatomical Sex Differences in the Brain (SDN-POA), and Sexual Motivation

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