>>>Surplus RESEARCH Equipment Available<<<

Gilbert T. Groehn fv392 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sat Oct 19 15:33:34 EST 1996


ULTRAMED, INC. has a long list of equipment that is surplus
to our needs.    This is all top quality equipment from major
manufacturers and has been used in research and/or clinical

Items include cardiology equipment, EKG's, patient monitors,
stress test systems, ultrasound equipment, echocardiography
equipment, pulse oximeters, non-invasive blood pressure
monitors, laboratory equipment including, centrifuges, PH
meters, microscopes including an Americal Optical One Twenty
"MICROSTAR"  and much more.  There is also an exceptionally 
clean SHIMADZU SDU-700 Echocardiography and general purpose
ultrasound system with 3.5 Mhz and 2.5 Mhz scan heads and a
EATON Model G-7000 Stress Test System with treadmill (it looks
like new).    This is a MAJOR SALE with hundreds of items
available.  A ZEISS operating microscope,  ABBOTT clinical
chemistry analyer and NEUROLOGY equipment are also available.
A LEITZ 'Laborlux-11' Fluorescence microscope is a late arrival.

These items are ALL priced for a quick sale with most items
as low as ten percent of original cost.  Many new items are
being added daily as our lab and clients upgrade equipment.

To obtain a list of equipment that is available send email
and ask for LIST 96116.

Gil Groehn, General Manager
email:  ad408 at detroit.freenet.org   -or-  ultramed at ix.netcom.com
phone:  313-884-1139 
ULTRAMED, INC.                    VOICE ac 313 884-1139
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI USA      : ultramed at ix.netcom.com 
Please respond to our home server: ad408 at detroit.freenet.org

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