Hitting head, seeing stars

Stephen Black sblack at UBISHOPS.CA
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On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Lee Kent Hempfling wrote:

> >On 17 Oct 1996, Stephen Black wrote:
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> In other input receptors the sensation of pain is a physical
> aggravation. In vision, the sensation of pain is reflected in intense
> values that are registered as bright lights. Seeing 'stars' is the
> value of visual input nearing neutral (excess value, whether it be by

This is the only list where I have this problem. I referred to it before 
obliquely but that didn't do any good, and it's starting to bug me, so 
I'll be explicit this time. I did NOT write the above. Would people 
please be careful when attributing quoted material.

I'm sure whoever wrote that (and I have an idea) isn't happy about having 
my name attached to his words either.


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