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kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Sat Oct 19 20:23:03 EST 1996

James Woodson wrote:
> to Ken P. Collins,
>                 By now I am sure you are well aware of the controversy and
> outright problems your postings have caused on the neuroscience site.  I
> understand that your intentions are good, however, your interpretation of
> current topics is, shall we say, beyond the readership of the site, and as
> such is not going over very well.  I appeal to your good nature to stop
> causing the problem, and leave this site.  I assure you, I am speaking for
> most if not all other members, with whom I have been in continuous contact
> over the last few weeks.  Please stop posting here.  Monitor all you wish,
> but please leave.
>         I apologise for being so direct, but if you need further input, I'm
> sure you will get it very soon.
>                                                 James Woodson

James, I will stay on while I've the means to do so, until the 
very-straight-forward things I'm discussing are dealt with... 

...for instance, the explanation of decussation that I've posted in this 
newsgroup constitutes the resolution of a centuries-old problem in 
Neuroscience... is such stuff that should be censored? 

...I've been monitoring posts that "complain" about the stuff you address in 
your own post... it's been only a small subset of people who've posted such 
things, and I'm willing to demonstrate that their complaints have been 
unfounded... ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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