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Sat Oct 19 22:15:58 EST 1996

Carl Taylor <ctaylor at> wrote:


>My wife Bunnie is a Physical Therapy student and is currently studying
>Neuroscience.  She needs info about ATHETOSIS, for a presentation.  Her
>specific questions are:

>Where is the lesion in the brain?
>What are symptoms?
>What causes it?
>Is there any treatment?

>Any information would be helpful.

>Thank you,

>		...Carl and Bunnie


I am a physical therapist and work with children affected with this

Children with cerebral palsy often have this affliction. The area of
the brain that is effected is the basal ganglia. Athetoid movements
are writhing and contorting with fluctuations in muscle tone.

For physiological explanations, tell your wife to review neural
connections of the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia in some manner
fine tune movements and without this fine tuning you have the above

Three other diseases that are affected in this manner are: parkinsons,
tourette's syndrome and Huntington's Chorea.

Hope this helps


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