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kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Sun Oct 20 15:43:46 EST 1996

James Woodson wrote:
> to Ken P. Collins,


>         I apologise for being so direct, but if you need further input, I'm
> sure you will get it very soon.
>                                                 James Woodson


The reification of why decussation occurs ubiquitously within mammalian CNSs 
is the single most-significant "event" that has ever occurred in 
Neuroscience... the nerual topology of the phenomenon of decussation is like 
a "rosetta stone" that allows =every= twist, turn, crossing and 
fiber-termination gradient that exists within "the" CNS to be =rigorously= 
integrated with respect to =every= other such feature within the CNS...

...armed with such understanding, one can easily integrate the substance of 
any Neuroscience experimental paper (or show where the paper is in error)... 
the neural Geometry enables one to understand the CNS... the brain... in this 
in-depth way because the neural Geometry is tightly-integrated...

...and the nerual topology of the phenomenon of decussation constitutes the 
=key= which unlocks all of this...

...I've been working on this problem for 25 years... I discovered all of this 
more than 15 years ago... I've been trying to get this understanding 
communicated ever since... I've come here to bionet.neuroscience to share all 
of this... I've come here to communicate this most-significant "event" in the 
history of Neuroscience...

...I'm told that folks have been discussing things privately, and without any 
further public discussion, I'm told to "leave"...? after bringing this, the 
single most-significant things that's ever been done in Neuroscience to this 
online discussion place, I'm told to "leave"...?

...this action against me has no basis in Neuroscience, and is, in fact, a 
disservice to Neuroscience... experience over the course of the past 25 years shows me that, at this 
time, I must insist that Neuroscience deal, in strictly-Neuroscientific 
terms, with the few things I've brought before it... the understanding is 
Joyous... please do the work necessary to understand it... K. P. Collins

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