Hitting head, seeing stars

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On 21 Oct 96 at 12:25, regarding Re: Hitting head, seeing stars Ron 
Blue enunciated proudly:

> On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Lee Kent Hempfling wrote:
> >>>>CUT>>>> 
> > (((b-i)/2)+i) where the result is 10  (b=base value, i=input
> > value)
> > 
> > and the base value is 20, a result that approaches 20 will
> > register as pain (in the visual experience this borders from
> > bright intense light,
> >>>>CUT>>
> I can accept the above value.  But I think it is important to
> recognize that this a value calculated in zero time!  The actual
> calculation result in a WAVE train or wavelet as a continuous
> changing system.  I know that you know this, but this important
> point should be stated to the others.


Exactly. I wish other people were able to see this for what it is. It 
answers the 'now' question. For what it addresses is that computation 
takes place 'now' and as indicated in the math, and as you point out 
here, the collapse takes place 'now'. It is the continuous flow of 
this in coherence and collapse that sets up the computational aspect 
of the wave. But no....... most people will simply continue to argue 
the 'now' as an impossible object of explanation.Just look at 
Chalmer's work. Orch OR deals slightly with it but invokes quantukm 
gravity. I know what Penrose is getting at. But I have no intention 
of giving him the completion of his theory untilhe recognizes this 

> What was explained in
> balance of the system is exactly that. What most > people refuse to
> consider is that balance goes both ways. 

>Agreed..  That is WHY
> illusions can be generated.  

I actually, can't wait until an Enticy 1 machine is built in order to 
CAUSE them just to show HOW in a physical situation.

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