Hitting head, seeing stars

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Mon Oct 21 09:04:52 EST 1996

On 18 Oct 1996, Jason Fox wrote:
> So you're saying that if done to a child, the visual cortex would interpret
> sound waves and the auditory light waves? Sounds interesting... If you
> asked the subject what lighning sounded like, what would they discribe? Or
> if you did it to an adult? The question comes up though if those brain
> functions are determined genetically or through environment. If the second,
> then you're right, but if the first, "sounds" like you are "seeing" things
> wrong. :)
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My sisters twin boys convinced me many years ago that biology was
extremely strong.  I knew that Stimulus-Response psychology
was not adequate to explain what I was observing.  Today,
with correlational opponent-processing and Hempfling's 
neutronics model I KNOW that biology allows ASSOCIATION to
explain it ALL.  LEARNING is more POWERFUL than I ever 

Ricci an intellibot uses an associational model.  To
increase the ratio of memory to stimuli input more memory
cards were put in Ricci.  When turned back on Ricci staggers
to the left and right as she goes down the hall.  Since
the previous memorys of moving are wrong it is like watching
a brain damaged person learning to walk again.  Her movement
behavior BALANCES out FAST.  Now she moves SMOOTHLY down the

We watch a colt learn to stand, walk and run in an hour.
I use to stress biological predispositions and reject
S-R model to explain the SPEED of behavior.  NOW I KNOW
the Associational models can do it.  The problem is
the equipment of the legs and muscles.  The learning model
can easily handle the situation.
Ron Blue

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