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Responding to some thoughts written.  I don't know how to copy something
in order to put it into a Reply To Group, so I apologize if it is

Added thoughts, ideas, concepts were intersting.  Written by:  

>From:	kenneth paul collins <KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net>
>Date:Fri, 18 Oct 1996 20:49:09 -0400
>...the hippocampus and amygdala do interact... but there are also
>other components that are strongly "involved" in what you are
>in particular, the hypothalamus, the brain stem reticular formation, the 
>thalamus, and the temporal neocortex... I'll discuss "normal" 

A thought from ML:

I realize the entire brain has to be involved in any feeling, memory or
response to incoming data.  In order for the brain to work in a "normal"
function all of the levels of the brain, from the inside out- or- bottom
to top are necessary.

Added note:  After surgery in 1986 I had "word finding diffuculty" (the
words are now back!).  I also experienced short term memory that was not

My thoughts/ideas are that the hippocampus and amygdala are necessary for:

Placement of info in the temporary file cabinet, (remember what you had
for breakfast).

Deciding what goes into the semi-temporary file cabinet, (the movie you
went to last month, the book you read.

Assisting the rest of the brain in storage of memories to the "hard
drive",  as well as making sure that those memories are "backed up" in
case of CRASH....

In my case the semi-tempory file cabinet was removed in 1986. A portion of
my temporal lobe removed...is that where my short-term was located???
Maybe so.  There was also a couple of file cabinets turned over, the words
were relocated, refiled. My understanding of the words was still there,
but not the word I wanted.  I heard music in two spots stimulated. I also
used to seize to certain music. Stimulation on: Led Zepplin, Stimulation
off: no music.  That area was removed, I no longer seize from hearing Led

I consider what I have been through to be facinating!!  I've been able to
have the lovely WADA test. MRI lots and lots and lots of times, EEG
stimulation that told them where the ability to speak, seizure areas,
music, visual areas. A photograph of my temporal lobe. Removal of a
portion of my brain that is interesting enough to see it discussed in

I apologize if I have run on too much.  I apreciate all of the thoughts
and appreciation that I have received.  I want to share from a completly
different side to people that are interested.  Thanks for the thanks!

Just some more food for thought. (yes,  but where does this thought go??
how will it get there?? will we ever know???)

ML Leochner

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