Hitting head, seeing stars

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Wed Oct 23 20:27:09 EST 1996

> This may also be my source of the 19th century speculation that "if the
> auditory and visual nerves were crossed, leaving their connections to the
> brain intact, then we could _see_ thunder and _hear_ lightning. I
> understand that this has actually been accomplished anatomically in the
> ferret (Roe et al, 1990). No word from the ferret yet on what this does
> to its perception of a thunderstorm.

...Ive read this article... it describes the mapping of the visual fibers 
into cortical areas that are "normally" mapped to audititory function... 
this mapping occurs after neonatal destruction of the superior 
colliculi and visual cortex, and the medial geniculi... the lateral 
geniculi atrophy after their (visual) inputs are lesioned...

...so the experiment was one in the activity-dependent "seeking" of a fiber 
system whose "normal" genetically-blueprinted targets are eliminated...

...this was not an experiment in switching the targets of audition & 

...the result reported is important because it provides useful information 
with respect to activity-dependent developmental processes... I was 
disappointed that no description of behavior was given... ken collins
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