early memory & deafness?

DrJack811 drjack811 at aol.com
Wed Oct 23 19:36:05 EST 1996

Is anyone aware of any research done on very early long-term memory
development and subsequent early hearing loss?

To clarify a little:  a friend of mine who
developed early long-term memory and reading skills in an abusive home
situation (before age 3 ) apparently went deaf as a defense (perhaps).  It
worked, so it seemed, as her mother sent her away to deaf school.  Safe
she must have thought, she quickly regained her hearing, only to find the
school was a hell-hole and she had gone from the frying pan into the fire.
 She quickly became deaf again and has been ever since(she's 46).

So, this should count as "psychological" deafness, but there is clearly a
neurological element here.  That early memory might be connected is
suggested in that her cause-and-effect observations would have been clear
sustained enough for such a strategy to have evolved, even subconsciously.
 It's akin to an animal in a leg trap chewing off its leg to escape
captivity.  Real warrior stuff, at age 4!

But the question comes 'round, what is the mechanism? -- and has this been
observed elsewhere, as deaf schools too often in the 1950's were
frustrating and often abusive places, as were homes of deaf children with
parents who could not cope.  Clearly it's a mechanism which, when
pinpointed, may well be reversable...

John Townley, Mollusk, VA
DrJack811 at aol.com

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