Alzheimer's disease art competition

JSA syncomm at
Wed Oct 23 18:32:16 EST 1996

Send us your visual impressions of Alzheimer's Disease

Send us your work in any visual medium—painting drawing, photograph,
etc.  Ten first prizes of US $1,500 and 10 prizes of $500 will be
awarded for those entries selected to be used in communications to
healthcare professionals. 

The objective of this program is to show the many perceptions of the
disease and help remove the misconceptions that exist about the disease. 

We will use the chosen artwork in a program for our clients, major
international pharmaceutical  manufacturers. For more information, and
an entry blank, email an inquiry, or include a fax number and we will
fax you an entry form.

Thank you,
Synchor Communications Associates, Ltd.

Alzheimer's is a disease without national boundaries:  This contest is
open to artists from all countries.

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