TEVC courses?

Matt Jones jonesmat at ohsu.edu
Fri Oct 25 11:01:01 EST 1996

In article <3270D3C0.2764 at pt.cyanamid.com> Sam Hellings,
hellingss at pt.cyanamid.com writes:
>Can anyone recommend a course in theory/practice of TEVC, with special 
>emphasis on oocyte expression?  Does such a thing exist?

I don't know about a course, but Axon instruments has a free (I think)
book called The Axon Guide, which is an excellent basic primer in all
sorts of electrophysiology, including TEVC. It covers the circuitry,
theory and practical aspects of all the common voltage and current clamp
modes. You can call them and ask them to send you one. 


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