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>On 21 Oct 1996, Leochner wrote:
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>> I consider what I have been through to be facinating!!  I've been able
>> have the lovely WADA test. MRI lots and lots and lots of times, EEG
>> stimulation...<snip>
>Why "the lovely WADA test"? Does the injection produce a high? And if so,

>does it vary with the hemisphere which has been anesthetized? Or was this

>a sarcastic reference to discomfort associated with the test?<snip>

I referred to the WADA test as "lovely" because I was being sarcastic. 
The insertion of something in the groin and moving it up to the base of
the scull is not comfortable. (Please note: I am not in the medical field
so my descriptions are not in the "proper" words.)

I do not recall a high. I recall the doctors had to remind me to keep my
eyes open. In one way though it is facinating to have only one side of my
brain (the left) and be able to continue to speak, know what was going on
and recall. When the right was tested I was unable to speak but my recall
was better than the left.  

>BTW, WADA is not an acronym like EEG and MRI, it's an eponym. J. Wada was

>the researcher who developed it with T. Rasmussen.
>Wada, J. & Rasmussen, T. (1960). Intracarotid injection of sodium Amytal
>  the lateralization of cerebral speech dominance. Journal of 
>  neurosurgery, 17, 266-282.I apologize to Wada, J and Rasmussen, T.  

My apology to Wada, J. and Rasmussen T. if my caps are incorrect.  My
highest regards to these two persons. For myself, this is the test was
important to help determine if surgery could be performed.  My thanks to
them for the development of an amazing thing to help detemine the
capability of the brain.

The brain is incredible!!!

ML Leochner

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