Building your own microforge

Leon Parker mrclean at ITSA.UCSF.EDU
Fri Oct 25 20:09:08 EST 1996

Hello all--

We are interested in building our own inexpensive microforge to enable
us to put "spear tips" on the ends of our pulled capillary needles. 
We'll need needles with "spear tips" for our single-cell transplantation
experiments in zebrafish.  Commerically made Microforges are very
expensive, and most of the forges in our department are located in the
Transgenic Mouse Clean Room (Making frequent visits difficult).   We've
heard that it is possible to make a very functional inexpensive
microforge using a power supply, gold clips, a dissecting scope, and a
micromanipulator.  We were wondering if anyone monitoring this newsgroup
has put together such a system.  If you have, perhaps you can recommend
parts and describe the design.  Please respond directly to:
mrclean at

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


--Leon Parker
Postdoctoral Fellow
(Laboratory of Didier Y. R. Stainier)
University of California, San Francisco
Room S-960, Box 0554
San Francisco, CA  941143-0554
Lab phone:  (415)  502-5680
FAX:  (415) 476-3892
e-mail:  mrclean at

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