multiple sclerosis

G K GRAY gord at
Fri Oct 25 19:58:38 EST 1996

In article <327163FC.22EF at>, John King (johnkate at writes:
>Is the cause of signs for MS due to demyelination?  Is it due to
>decreased nerve conduction?  Could nerve conduction increase if the
>nerve was stimulated more?
Since it is an observable but inadequately explained fact that
myelin somehow accelerates the neural impulse the answer to your
first two questions must be YES! The third question remains
problematic. In MS the myelin sheath loses contact with the axon,
whose ion pores are clustered where the Nodes of Ranvier have been,
and none over the internodal lengths.  This is unlike unmyelinated
axons whose ion-pores are evenly distributed. Hence hyper-
stimulation is unlikely to reap any benefit, but sometime this might
be worth an experiment.

Cheers! Gord

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