Neurological disorders of unknown ediology

David Ray davidr at
Fri Oct 25 22:32:11 EST 1996

Another request for information.

As mentioned earlier, my wife has a condition which leaves her in a wheel-
chair.  Fortuanately, she has nothing degenerative such as M.D. or M.S..  
She has a full range of motion but has little strenght.  Her yonger brother
is also in a wheel chair.  He is more affected.  Her younger brother has no
affect at all.  This National health institute took mucscle samples from her
and her brother in their teens and sent it to univeristies around the country.
They concluded she and her brother had an infintile version of a neurological
disorder always fatal by age 2.  Now she is 38 and we have two healthy children.

My contention is that this is probably some unexplainable anomoly for which 
their is proboably no one else in the US or the world who has this condition. 
It to us is mot terribly important but merely a curiousity however, we are
interested in the possible reason for this although we expect no solution.

If anyone has any ideas or wishes to discuss this(seriously only), I would
be interested in hearing from you.


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