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A J Harrington apence at
Sat Oct 26 13:10:34 EST 1996

I'm looking for some help in interpretation here... I'm not a

so, you've shown that a certain behavioral deficit is induced by 
a) surgical ablation of a specific cortical area
b) 6-OHDA treatment in that same area
c) systemic reserpine treatment 

impairment is aleviated with treatment with clonidine for the 6OHDA and
reserpine groups, but not the surgical ablation group.

Now I would agree that this suggests an alpha-2 *postsynaptic* mechanism,
but is it possible it's not?  In other words, is this conclusive evidence
that clonidine is acting postsynaptically, or do you need more, and if so,
what would show a post synaptic effect conclusively?

ANY help with interpretation here would be helpful.  Thanks
apence at
Department of Neuroscience
Yale University

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