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Stephen Black sblack at UBISHOPS.CA
Sun Oct 27 06:37:29 EST 1996

> Dave Curtis wrote:
> > 
> > Debating these issues with him is not going to get anybody anywhere,
> > nor is asking him to leave or shut up. Instead I propose that we
> > simply  have a regular posting (monthly, maybe automated) titled
> > "Kenneth Paul Collins -  a warning" and just letting people know that
> > a number of legitimate scientists in this group are of the opinion
> > that anything he posts should not be taken seriously.

Kenneth Paul Collins replied:

> ...if anyone's interested, my email has brought more responses 
> supportive of my position than it has negative...

Ok, my turn. Banning people from this list or posting Disapproving
Disclaimers are disagreeable and ineffectual responses, and not in the
spirit of the Internet. We've all got a delete key. Why don't we just use

Now, does any one have anything interesting to post concerning the 

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