decussation problem

miandan at miandan at
Sun Oct 27 20:29:00 EST 1996

I've been reading with some interest the discussion
about Mr. Collins writings.  In principle, I think
that's not a good idea to fight somebody just because
he wants to post his ideas.  I did not have enough
patience to go through the lengthy messages of Mr. Collins,
so I can not be sure whether there is anything worthwile
in them.  As a reader, I would give Mr Collins another
chance under the following conditions:
1) that he writes short messages;
2) that he does not use "...";
3) that he does not discuss irrelevant issues like how
many years he spent proving the duality theory, etc.

So, let's try once again.  I noticed that Mr. Collins claims
to have resolved "the problem of decussation".  Again, I did
not pay much attention to his explanation simply because it
was very difficult to comprehend.  In any way, I have an
"alternative solution of the decussation problem".

If an animal is attacked from the side, the corresponding
brain side is likely to be affected.  However, the contralateral
side of the body would be paralyzed.  So, the animal will be
able to defend itself.  This may be a biological reason
for decussation.

How about that?

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