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Sat Oct 26 22:18:26 EST 1996

dcurtis at (Dave Curtis) enunciated:

>Look, I think it's quite obvious that Mr Collins is 
>a) mad 
>b) not a scientist 
>c) not worth arguing with

>Debating these issues with him is not going to get anybody anywhere,
>nor is asking him to leave or shut up. Instead I propose that we
>simply  have a regular posting (monthly, maybe automated) titled
>"Kenneth Paul Collins -  a warning" and just letting people know that
>a number of legitimate scientists in this group are of the opinion
>that anything he posts should not be taken seriously. 


Far be it for me to defend Mr. Collins but I must say the following:

Mr. Collins has contemplated a geat deal of facts and come to a great
deal of conclusions. I can not fault him for that.  I think his issues
may be taken seriously if he presented them in a scientific manner but
alas, that has not been the case. He has even rejected help in trying
to weed through his verbiage claiming my involvement in corporate
endeavors was not trustworthy. I am always interested in anything that
may appear on the suface to hold promise to science and it bothers me
when new ideas are rejected only on the basis of being new.

But Mr. Collins admits that his quest for 'truth' was instigated by
his observations of prejudice. It would therefore be derived by those
in the field that the goal justified the science and the deductions
were made on behalf of the goal.

I would only suggest that Mr. Collins learn from this experience and
when attempting again to raise the issues he so much desires to detail
that he remember the tactic taken here and tone down the rhetoric
while at the same time, increasing  the scientific method.

And that he remember that scientists come in many shapes and sizes
while some reside behind ivy and others behind a corporate veil. They
are all still scientists.

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