Neurological disorders of unknown ediology

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David Ray wrote:
> Is anyone out there aware of anyone with a neurological condition which
> has been diagnosed as an infintile form of spinal musclular atrophy which
> has been the case of somone who is in a wheel chair, was 17 years old, now is 38
> years old and has two completely normal children?  She is completely normal in all
> respects except for the fact that she is not strong enought to walk/?
> David

The disorder sounds like Spinal muscular atrophy.  Here are a few

                      SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY
      Prevalence in the population and incidence at birth

             Type I severe Werdnig-Hoffmann disease
                      Type II intermediate
           Type III benign Kugelberg-Welander disease

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These data have been prepared for the European Neuromuscular Center and
further details may be obtained from:

   Professor A.E.H. Emery
   Research Director, ENMC
   The Medical School
   University of Edinburgh
   Edinburgh EH8 9AG, Scotland, UK

   (Tel: +31 332 3963;  Fax: +31 332 4288)

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