[long, off topic info] decussation problem

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 28 03:37:53 EST 1996

miandan at geocities.com wrote:
> I've been reading with some interest the discussion
> about Mr. Collins writings. 


please, I am only fufilling my obligation... I gave up on 
everything else a while back... years ago... I know I've gotten 
the understanding across to folks... I know that folks have been 
covering up... I'm not even angry about that anymore... it's all 
become midnight-humorous to me... it's just that I cannot 
co-operate with such, even though not co-operating with such 
leaves me with Life being "sucked out of my being"... while I was 
doing the work, I came to understand that mistakes are just Truth 
in disguise... mistakes point directly to Truth... and I learned 
that the only way in which can fail to discover Truth is to 
actively Turn one's back upon Truth... this is what happens when 
folks feel so "pressured" with respect to this-or-that "mistake" 
that they feel that the only thing that they can do is "cover 
up"... but that is the =only= thing that can prevent the 
actualization of Truth... so I stay away from such, drawing myself 
to Forgiveness instead of the Unforgiveness which "traps" folks 
within the stuff of "mistakes"...

...and, BTW, I deliberately use stuff like "...", 
long-hyphenated-verbal-symbols, "strange" phraseology, 
colloquialisms, etc., in order to build Forgiveness right into 
everything I do... see? anyone who needs an "excuse" has one built 
right in :-)

...this didn't come to me in a "flash of light"... it's something 
I gradually adopted as it became clear that folks were feeling 
"under the gun" with respect to Duality Theory's understanding...

...guess I'll continue in this way... I need to Forgive, even if 
no one is ready to accept Forgiveness... frees me up to do what 
needs to be done... the "difficulty" in what occurs in most places 
that I discuss things stems from my not being able to "pretend"... 
"pretending" is "deadly" with respect to one's relationship with 
Truth... I don't do anything that separates me from Truth... all I 
do is make it easy for those who need an excuse to find such... 
I'm not anyone's "judge"... I'm just =obligated= with respect to 
what it was given to me to drag into the light... so I post 
discussions... I know they're read... I know the understanding is 
being communicated... I just cannot join in the "pretending"...

> In any way, I have an "alternative solution of the decussation 
> problem".
> If an animal is attacked from the side, the corresponding
> brain side is likely to be affected.  However, the contralateral
> side of the body would be paralyzed.  So, the animal will be
> able to defend itself.  This may be a biological reason
> for decussation.
> How about that?

...that's not it... with respect to predation, there's no 
advantage in 'saving the other side of the brain'... hemiplegic 
animals are for-sure-food to predators... ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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