Dilantin (phenytoin)

Bruce Macdonell brick at MNSi.net
Mon Oct 28 15:09:35 EST 1996

	A recipient of emergency neurosurgery in the late summer of 
91' to have a bloodclot removed. I have many outstanding side-effects. 
A new found detrument as a result of my accident/surgery are chronic 
seizures. I have been tested repeatedly for epilepsy; however the 
results show no sign of this to be the case. My neurologist indicates 
that the seizures are brought on by scar-tissue build-up, which 
interferes with firing neurons. The neurologist recommended 300mg of 
dilantin daily. The dilantin is a terrible substitute for what-ever it 
is that my body is lacking. I would like a more user friendly drug. Can 
somebody recommend a less traumatic alternative? One other thing; Is 
dilantin produced naturally in the body? And if so ; where?

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