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Mon Oct 28 15:11:13 EST 1996

Arterial pCO2 is one of the variables which interfere other physiological
parameters in anesthetized animals during surgical experiments. It needs
to be kept at more or less constant level during experiment. It has been
established that the value of arterial pCO2 is identical to the end-tidal CO2.
End-tidal CO2 measurement in larger animals and in humans are not a
problem because of the presence of sufficient volume of available
respiratory gas.while measurements in very small animals such as rats
and mice was difficult because of low volume of gas. In rats and mice
arterial pCO2 can be measured without drawing blood from artery. We
developed Micro-capnometer (end-tidal CO2 meter) that utilizes low air
sample flow rates (5, 20 ml/min) and is ideal for laboratory animals
especially, for rats and mice. The device has also the capabilities of
determining the respiration rate by counting the period from the wave
pattern of CO2 concentration. If you are interested in this device and its
application in rats and mice, please e-mail your street address. I will
send you all the necessary information.


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