Cell Culture for Neuroscience

J.A.Rushton at bris.ac.uk J.A.Rushton at bris.ac.uk
Mon Oct 28 11:43:49 EST 1996

Dear Dr Halle

The course is currently recruiting for December 15-20 and there are two 
places left. It is at the University of Bristol, situated 120 m from 
London. It is possible to fly direct to Bristol from a number of US 
destinations including the West coast.

The cost of attendance is £695 plus £245 for the 
accomodation/subsistence, social programme package. The exchange rate at 
the present time would put the total cost at $1600. However, we would be 
prepared to offer a 12.5 % reduction to $1400 if you can register 
provisionally before the closing date of November 11th. Please send your 
full address for further details to be mailed to you.

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