Anselmo Imani Dash adash at WAM.UMD.EDU
Tue Oct 29 01:43:30 EST 1996

	My name is Anselmo. I am a freshman at the University of Maryland
at College Park. I am doing a report on the debates involving the drug 
prozac which requires an interview with someone who is knowledgeable about
this drug. I have several questions which I ask that you answer. You do 
not have to give along reply, just state your opinion. I also ask that if 
it possible please give your name and your occupation, or degree which
qualifies you as an expert on this subject because it is mandatory for
this paper.

1) What are some of the good uses of prozac?
2) What are some of the dangers associated with prozac use? How common are
3) Do you think that the drug is being abused by Americans in general just
as narcotics are being abused? Should its distribution be lessened?
4) Do the positive effects of prozac outweigh the negative effects? Why?
5) Are there any problems with administering this drug to chilfren?
6) Should prozac be banned?
7) What steps do you suggest potential prozac users should take when they
are trying to determine whether or not to take the drug?

Thanks for your time and supplying any information which I may find
helpful. Please reply as soon as possible.

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