wanted: people with PCP experience

Manueal Stahl a2348381 at athena.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE
Tue Oct 29 12:58:37 EST 1996

I don´t know if this is the right newsgroup to post this, but I´ll do it 

I´m trying to write a longer essay on "neuroscientific" topics in a 
special context, and with a special premise: the experiments used to 
gather data about certain issues are to be held in a self-reflexive 
perspective, or, to express it more explicitly - the object of interest 
is going to be the subject as well/at the same time. At this point it 
would be too much of an effort to explain the reasons and circumstances 
for such a decision, so I remain with the title of this post.

Anybody out there who has ever consumed PCP (Phencyclidine; there are 
other chemicals with the same abbreviation that I don´t mean here), also 
called "Angel Dust", and who is willing to tell me about it - please do 
so. I can just assure you that I´m not the lamer that I sound like at the 
moment. As you can gather from the context in which you read this, I´m 
not that interested in dramatic tales of accidents or psychological 
elaborations of your childhood which lead to your consume, but rather in 
as-pure-as-possible explanations of what sensations and effects the 
"drug" produced. By answering my request you are also getting the chance 
to receive as one of the first people information about an effort/attempt/
project that you are maybe likely to hear about later on. But I don´t 
want to over-estimate the importance of this issue, so let´s just stick 
to the "facts"...

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