[long, off topic info] decussation problem

miandan at geocities.com miandan at geocities.com
Tue Oct 29 16:47:38 EST 1996

> > If an animal is attacked from the side, the corresponding
> > brain side is likely to be affected.  However, the contralateral
> > side of the body would be paralyzed.  So, the animal will be
> > able to defend itself.  This may be a biological reason
> > for decussation.
> >
> > How about that?
> ...that's not it... with respect to predation, there's no
> advantage in 'saving the other side of the brain'... hemiplegic
> animals are for-sure-food to predators... ken collins

I did not mean paralyzed permanently, just temporary.

In any way, what is your explanation?

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