Chemicon mGluR1a Abs/ Characterization

Andrew Doherty A.doherty at
Tue Oct 29 11:45:54 EST 1996

falvarez at wrote:

>We have been using for the last year antibodies against mGluR1a commercialized 
>by Chemicon. We use them for light and electron microscopic 
>immunolocalization in normal and injured neural tissue. As with other abs 
>that we have previosusly purchased from Chemicon, I assumed that they were 
>fully characterized and that their production and specificity characteristics 
>have been published somewhere and where of public domain. However Chemicon's 
>reference list does not point to any paper about this antibody. I contacted 
>the company and they refuse to provide any information about this antibody. 
>Their excuse is that they don't want the originating lab to be bother with 
>phone calls from Chemicon customers. Hence, they cannot provide details of 
>their production, characterization, use .... My questions are:

>-Does anybody has information about this antibody that can help me trace it 
>to a publication?
>If that is not the case:
>-Have possible cross-reactivities with mGluR5 been tested?
>-Have they been use in whole brain or spinal cord Westerns?
>-Where can I find this information?
>-Is this an acceptable behaviour from a supplier of scientific 

>Francisco J. Alvarez, PhD
>Assistant Professor
>Wright State University
>Dayton, Ohio.
I don't have any information regarding these antibodies, but I can
certainly say that this is not the way a supplier of scientific
reagents should behave!! If they don't want the originating lab to be
bothered, then they should take the data themselves to deal with
customer enquiries. In fact, before the antibodies went on sale, all
that information should have been with Chemicon. If the originating
lab are happy for Chemicon to sell their product, then they ought to
release the data supporting the characterisation - period.

Andy Doherty

A.Doherty at

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