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Tue Oct 29 23:25:17 EST 1996

Anselmo, for info on Prozac, point your browser to:

I'm an independent scholar who has developed a unified 
theory of CNS function. My view is that the usefulness of 
all medications are relative to their effectiveness 
with respect to infection. And with respect to such, there 
is no end to the wonders that the pharmaceutical companies 
have wrought on behalf of humanity.

However, it's my view that, because there has been such an 
aura of "mystery" surrounding brain function, there  have 
been abuses of pharmacological substances such as Prozac. 
It's also my analysis that the mindset which accepts that 
the information-processing dynamics of our brains can be 
"re-engineered" through the administration of psychoactive 
substances is the most-significant factor underpinning 
illicit drug traffic.

Our brains are awesomely-capable information processors 
that have been refined in evolution's fire over the course 
of millions of years, yet because of the Ignorance that has 
prevailed with respect to the way in which our brains 
process information, and because of the powerful influences 
of the companies that manufacture drugs, our society has 
become one in which the casual use of psychoactive 
substances - substances which actually transform "the" 
brain into something other than a human brain - has not 
only come to be accepted, but is continually the subject of 
"legalization" campaigns.

The problem is that the drugs exist. The problem is that 
they are prescribed in the absence of how our brains 
process information. The brain's functioning is orchestral. 
Psychoactive are like individual instruments. I'm not 
saying that medications are "worthless". I'm saying that an 
orchestra that cannot play in tune cannot be fixed by 
hiring another player of this or that "instrument". So too 
with the brain and psychoactive substances.

At the very minimum, any prescription of psychoactive 
substances requires an accompanying intensive counseling 
and education program, else all the drugs do is assure that 
people will not, in fact, even experience human existence.

As far as I know, I stand alone in this view. This is a 
very-"expensive" view to have.
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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