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Barry Bayliss <b.a.bayliss at open.ac.uk> enunciated:

>Lee Kent Hempfling wrote:
>> garwonko at msn.com (Dr. Gar Won Ko) enunciated:
>> > The system achieves this in
>> >a purely magnetic wave or
>> >H-field with no E-field (electric wave) present. There is no other
>> >apparatus like this in existence. This system is for sale ($72K).
>> >garwonko at msn.com
>> >
>> Dr.
>> Please explain the above and then we can address the price.

>Even looking at the original message (below), I have some doubts as to

I have more than doubts.

>Dr Ko, please supply referrences to the claims on:
>    - irritability with some human systems is 6.67 Hz
>    - Zen or enlightenment is near 7.5 to 8.0 Hz
>    - riotous behaviour at 11.35 Hz
>    - that different emotions have different frequencies

>The magnetic field generated by the brain is approximately 100 fT,
>with the magnetic field of the earth being 1E(-4) T.  Thus if the system
>measures the brains magnetic field, a very complex system is required
>to discriminate between background signals, and that of the brain. 

Hold it right there. If the brain dynamic system was a magnetic field
then (as mentioned below in reference to MRI) an MRI would decohere
the mental function at some point and the individual would either
emerge from such device a total lunatic or in the least, with a loss
of some memory.

In space, electronic devices do not perform the same as they do on
ground. The further from the earth's magnetic frequencies the less
they are effected by them. Brains are in contact (through the body of
course) with the planet. A heck of a more intrusive arrangement than
would have been possible to permit intelligent life in the first

>are currently systems around which do this, eg neuromag-122.  These
>systems use a magnetically shielded room, and cost several million

>If the system uses an external magnetic field to force the brain into 
>a particular frequency, you run into several problems.  It is thought
>the emotional centre of the brain is in the frontal lobe (if this
>is out of date, please supply a referrence).  By forcing the whole brain
>a particular frequency you would interfer with other neural processing, 
>which could produce undesired side effects.

It would have to be of a like wave length of opposite amplitude or a
like amplitude of opposite wave length.  To do anything. One can
monitor output waves and use them to control devices. That does not
mean the brain functions in a magenetic field. It does not.

>The second major problem is that by applying an external magnetic field
>to the brain, which is approximately the case with MRI, you do not 
>get the brain to operate a particular frequency, but make the polar
>vibrate at the frequency applied.

Correct. There is a difference between the components used in mental
processing and the values of that process.

>Dr. Ko, if you have referrences which show the above does not apply,
>you please send me a copy of the list.

Me too.


>From: garwonko at msn.com (Dr. Gar Won Ko)
>Subject: FS: Brainwave Entrainment System
>Date: 23 Oct 96 19:08:54 -0700

>I have an ensemble for entraining any specific frequency within the 4
>windows, i.e., 0.05 to 3.5 Hz (Thelta); 4.0 to 8.0 Hz (Theta); 8.0 to
>13.0 Hz (Alpha); and 13.0 to 25.0 Hz (Beta). The rate of irritability
>with some human systems is 6.67 Hz. A state of Zen or enlightenment
>is near 7.5 to 8.0 Hz. Riotous behavior is represented at 11.35 Hz
>for some humans. There are neuronal frequencies for every emotional
>state or specific or precise state of consciousness,
>subconsciousness, or superconsciousness. The system achieves this in
>a purely magnetic wave or
>H-field with no E-field (electric wave) present. There is no other
>apparatus like this in existence. This system is for sale ($72K).
>garwonko at msn.com

Whazza Thelta?



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