[long, off topic info] decussation problem

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Tue Oct 29 22:25:41 EST 1996

miandan at geocities.com wrote:

> In any way, what is your explanation?

The phenomenon of decussation constitutes a portion of an 
elegant solution to the the infinitely-large problem of 
activating the effectors so that the body will move away 
from environmental sources of noxious stimulation.

When one studies the neural architecture of decussation, one 
finds that it enables the nervous system to activate the 
effectors "appropriately" by simply minimizing the 
topologically-distributed ratios of excitation to inhibition 
that are occuring within the nervous system.

That is, the neural architecture receives pain-stimulation 
"mountains", inverts them into neural-activation "valleys", 
and sends this "valley" activation back to the effectors, 
where the "valley" activation is "just the ticket" to the 
body's "moving away from" the environmental source of 
noxious stimulation.

This all works because everything within the CNS is 
rigorously mapped with respect to the body-environment 
interface. And it all reduces directly to what's described 
by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (WDB2T). ken collins
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