human pheremone sensors

Lyall/West m_l at
Wed Oct 30 11:13:49 EST 1996

i am collecting pheremone information that will be integrated into an
interactive sculpture.
i am considering the cultural phenomenon of masking
our natural bodily frangrances and wish to develop sensing mechanisms that
can detect both natural body odors and chemical fragrances(ie: perfumes,

any case studies or ideas pertaining human pheremone research are welcome
especially pertaining to these subjects:
	1)common pheremones found inhuman sweat
	2)ph of pheremones common in sweat
	3)synthetic pheremones (perfumeries)
	4)case studies studying human pheremone behavior
	5)chemical sensors that are sensitive to these subtleties   

annika newell
i am using elses account
please send responces to:
anewell at

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