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>I'm looking for some help in interpretation here... I'm not a

>so, you've shown that a certain behavioral deficit is induced by 
>a) surgical ablation of a specific cortical area
>b) 6-OHDA treatment in that same area
>c) systemic reserpine treatment 

>impairment is aleviated with treatment with clonidine for the 6OHDA and
>reserpine groups, but not the surgical ablation group.

>Now I would agree that this suggests an alpha-2 *postsynaptic* mechanism,
>but is it possible it's not?  In other words, is this conclusive evidence
>that clonidine is acting postsynaptically, or do you need more, and if so,
>what would show a post synaptic effect conclusively?

>ANY help with interpretation here would be helpful.  Thanks
>apence at
>Department of Neuroscience
>Yale University

It would be important to show using neuronal recording methods that
neuronal firing in the area of interest (i.e., the post-synaptic
neurons) changes in relation to the dose of clonidine and that this is
associated with the recovery of behavioral function.  Of course, one
would have to show that activity in an input to the region of interest
does not change to show that the effect is post-synaptic.  Also, if
variations in behavior (in some task, I assume) occur in control
animals, it would be important to show that neuronal activity
associated with these "normal" variations corresponds to variations in
activity that are induced by the maniuplations of alpha-2 postsynaptic

Just my two cents worth.

Mark Laubach

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