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On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Linda Walsh wrote:
> I don't know of any evidence (and personally doubt) that ALL humans are
> allergic to rat dander or anything else.  I believe you have to have inherited
> some or all of that complex of genes linked to allergies (and a good number of
> us have).
Think for a  moment.  An allergentic reaction creates an AROUSAL state
then we use COGNITION to interpret the arousal state.  The
arousal-cognition theory of love now comes to mind.  

Jim Kohl and Teresa Binstock are doing some interesting work on
olifaction and immunological signitures.  Teresa has recognized
that women prefer to mate with men with an OPPOSITE immunological
signatures.  Sort like locking your fingers together.   This
suggest support for the correlational opponent-processing model.

Now, I wonder if exposure to an opposite imunological signature
would would create an AROUSAL state?  Do Kohl's sexual phermones
do the same?

Ron Blue

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