Epilepsy and music

Stefano Giovannardi gio at imiucca.csi.unimi.it
Thu Oct 31 07:33:56 EST 1996

dfowler at unlinfo.unl.edu (david fowler) wrote:

>I've seen some work on using midi synths to play eeg's. I purchased a 
>simple Mac "do-it-yourself" eeg probe [3 electrodes] hoping to play 
>back my brain waves.

>The software for translating the signals is Mathematica.

>Eventual goal is to play my zeta midi violin as a solo instrument 
>accompanied by brainwave backup parts.

>Not sure that this will work as a real-time accompaniment, since the 
>eeg gets very noisy when confounded by muscular action.

>David Fowler University of Nebraska-Lincoln
>dfowler at unlinfo.unl.edu

Dear David,
I do not really know too much about eccs but, did you try to filter
the ecc signal in order to isolate any wave that could be modulated

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