When should a Neuropsychological Test be performed???

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On 3 Sep 1996 00:09:35 GMT, hce at oden.se (Hans Christian Eidenert)

>I would like to know at what point after a Brain Injury a complete
>neuropsychological examination should be performed on a patient? Is it
>possible to argue that no examination should take place due to the
>patient's poor condition?

I would think this fact would argue for, not against
neuropsychological testing.  By establishing an early baseline
assessment, the patient's condition can be better tracked over the
course of the recovery period.  Just remember to use alternate forms
on subsequent assessments, if possible.

>If the patient can talk and move and appears to
>have an intact long term memory but short term memory deficits and poor
>orientation in time and place is there any good reason why a complete
>neuropsychological evaluation cannot take place? Is it feasible for a
>doctor to make any kind of statement regarding a patient's cognitive
>functions without first performing a comprehensive neuropsychological

Sure, this is what a Mini-Mental State Examination was developed to
accomplish.  It won't replace a full battery in terms of
comprehensiveness, but it's better than nothing at all.

>Are there any other tests apart from the following that should be performed:
>Halstead-Reitan Neuropsych battery
>Peabody Picture Vocab Test Revised
>Wechsler Memory Scale
>Symbol Digit Modalities
>Bender Gestalt
>Controlled Oral Word Association Test
>Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test
>Grooved Pegboard
>Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test
>Judgment of Line Orientation Test
>Grip strength and finger tapping tests

The NAART (National Adult ? Reading Test) migh help in establishing a
premorbid IQ to compare with the postmorbid WAIS-R.  The WRAT-3 may be
useful, as well.  But, if are administering these tests in Sweden, the
lack of Swedish norms (?) may be a problem.

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