Strange symptoms HELP!! please?

Neil the K neilthek at
Mon Sep 2 19:36:01 EST 1996

Hello . . .I don't know if this question is appropriate here, but I hope 
someone can help me. . . 

I am experiencing pain, loss of temperature sensation, and hardening (as 
if something is growing beneath the skin)  in 2 or more of my 
fingertips, particularly in the left hand. In addition, I have tingling 
in both hands, and weakness/muscle fatigue/pain in my right. I've had no 
success with local doctors (S.E. Florida), (2 neurologists, 3 
orthopedists, chiropracter, endochrinologist) and am looking for 
guidence in what to do next.  I've had a NCV and an MRI of my neck. I'm 
quite frightened, as this condition is threatening my career.

Could this be a neurological problem? I'd appreciate any help.

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