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Joseph Strout jstrout at
Wed Sep 4 11:05:10 EST 1996

On 4 Sep 1996, Marcello Rosa wrote:

> I am interested in checking the effects of different balances of 
> excitatory and inhibitory synapses at different distances from the soma 
> on the firing rate of model neurones. Can someone indicate me an 
> appropriate software? (preferrably, shareware!)

You could do this via integrate-and-fire or compartmental methods.  One
package which might suit you is CONICAL (the Computational Neuroscience
Class Library).  This is a set of C++ classes primarily intended for
compartmental models, though it can also do integrate-and-fire simulation.
The documentation includes an overview of these techniques, as well as
several demos.  CONICAL is free and runs on any computer with a C++
compiler.  You can find it on the web at:

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