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Wed Sep 4 07:26:47 EST 1996

First ever measurements of cardiac output in mice were performed by scientists of Columbus Instruments.
These measurements followed the thermodilution method using Columbus Instruments Cardiomax Cardiac
output computer equipped with F #1 thermodilution microprobes. Measurements were performed by
injection of 15 microliters of room temperature injectate (saline) into the vena cava through the right
external jugular vein. The thermodilution microprobe was inserted into the aortic arch through the left
carotid artery. Several subsequent measurements of C.O. can be performed at an interval of 2 to 3
minutes with consistent and repetitive results.
The same Cardiomax cardiac output computer which was used for mice can also be used for measuring
cardiac output of rats, as well as larger animals. As mice are standard laboratory animal models for human
drug developments, the importance of cardiac output measurements in mice cannot be underestimated.
Use of laboratory mice instead of larger animals in cardiovascular research is also much less expensive.
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