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Wed Sep 4 14:03:37 EST 1996

Marcus <73370.2242 at CompuServe.COM> writes:

>How far into the cortex does a scalp electrode detect electrical 
>activity ?  That is, what is the resistance of brain tissue, and 
>how far does and action potential or a epsp "travel" through the 
>brain (apart from its propagation along neural processes) ?  Any 
>ideas ?

To answer your question briefly, the scalp-recorded EEG at a given
electrode site represents the temporal and spatial summation of PSPs
from many cortical pyramidal cells.  The EEG "sources" may not all
necessarily be in the cortex under the electrode; volume conduction
through the brain allows sources at other [distant] locations to be
detected at that given electrode.  A good reference on this topic is
Paul Nunez's book, "Electric Fields of the Brain".

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