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Tom Boismier boismier at umich.edu
Thu Sep 5 07:02:44 EST 1996

In article <322D7F2E.41C6 at open.ac.uk>, b.a.bayliss at open.ac.uk says...
>Raeto West wrote:
>> C. Pathology
>>      21. Why are there no tumours of neurons in the central nervous system?
>I believe it is because neurons once matured, do not divide.  It is possible
>to have a tumor in developing brains.  Most tumors are are due to the 
>material around the brain.

I missed the original post, so there may be more to the question than the 
above... What about acoustic neurinoma, "a benign neoplasm of the intracranial 
segment of the 8th cranial nerve" according to Stedman's med dictionary.

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