Questions on memory storage...

Rich Berry rberry1 at
Thu Sep 5 18:47:12 EST 1996

Jerry asserts the following:	
"A cell doesn't "remember" the evolutionary history of its species; it 
only "knows" how to do its job, at best."

I think that is too confident a statement.  There is no reason whatever 
that the genetic makeup of a cell could not code a "compressed" type of 
memory in, for instance, the form of a constellation of proteins with 
point mutations that reflect a type of memory for environmental 
conditions existing at some time in an organisms evolutionary past.  
Granted, I doubt that my grandchilds cheeks cells (or any other) will 
contain memory for the visage of my Aunt Margaret.  But to make a 
blanket statement that there may well be a genetic transmission of 
meaningful forms of memory is a dangerous generalization.  


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